Spatial ecology in a changing world

Lab Activities

Involvement in the long term ecological research LTER programme

ECO-LAND gets involved into the LTER programme through the TREEBIO project in Aigüestortes. ECO-LAND members together with other researchers at the CTFC took part in the LTER Spain meeting that was held 16-17th June in Collserola. Magda Pla from the Remote Sensing LABTAG group will […]

Collaborations: Centre d’Étude de la Forêt (Québec)

Our links with the Centre d’Étude de la Forêt (CEF, Québec, Canada) have been strengthened during these last weeks and a collaboration agreement has been signed between the CEF and two main forest research centers in Catalonia CTFC and CREAF. The bonds with the CEF […]

Book release: Catalan Winter Bird Atlas 2006-2009

The Catalan winter bird Atlas 2006-2009 is out and was officially presented May 18th at the Pedrera building in Barcelona.   Thanks to the work of over 1,000 contributors, and published by Lynx Edicions and Institut Català d’Ornitologia, this Catalan Winter Bird Atlas 2006-2009 is […]

Stay at the Landcape Research, New Zealand

In recent years, rapid developments in statistical techniques to address emerging issues in quantitatively based classification of vegetation plot data, partly a result of the increased power of modern computing, now allow researchers to analyse large (e.g. national scale) datasets in ways not previously possible.  […]

Sharing relevant information: eco-land twitter and google reader

The identification of relevant information is a critical task in modern science. This is a process that researchers do at all times during their professional lifes and sharing such relevant, filtered information is a step forward towards better science. The ECO-LAND lab wants to promote […]

Risk assessment analysis workshop: methods and applications for evaluating biological invasions

An exploratory workshop from the European Science Foundation on risk assessment analysis will take place in Girona from 17 to 20th April 2011. The workshop, coorganized by the CTFC, is led by Núria Roura-Pascual and participated by other components of the ECO-LAND lab and MONTES […]

Visits to the ECO-LAND lab

During these last weeks we received two international visits to our lab. Luke Kelly from Deakin University in Australia visited Solsona for some days in February, giving an interesting talk on fire regime impacts on biodiversity in southern Australia. Cesar Capinha from Évora University has […]

PhD defence: Elena Lopez Zozaya

Elena Lopez Zozaya will defend her PhD thesis on February 4th, 11 A.M. in Solsona Post-fire bird colonization patterns of open-habitat species in Mediterranean lansdcapes. The defence will take place at the CTFC headquarters in Solsona. El proper dia 4 de febrer a les 11 del […]

Servidor d’informació sobre els efectes del canvi climàtic (

The Online server on the effects of climate change on birds and their habitats has as a main objective to introduce the reader to the impact that climate change is having on habitats using bird populations and their responses as study models. The project relies […]

Curs sobre modelització espacial de la biodiversitat a Solsona

New course on species distribution modelling held in Solsona. More info here. ———————————————– Nou curs sobre modelització espacial de la biodiversitat celebrat a Solsona els 17 i 18 de febrer a Solsona. NOU: MATERIALS DELS CURS – PRESENTACIONS – ARTÍCLES I TUTORIALS DE REFERÈNCIA. El […]

Common Bird Monitoring Workshop

Second meeting of SOCC participants in Solsona Volunteers and researches taking part in the Catalan Common Bird Monitoring (SOCC) met at the CTFC in Solsona on October the 9th. New advances and applications of common bird monitoring where discussed including bird counting exercises and the […]

GIS & Remote sensing master project: Núria Aquilué. Landscape models and fire.

Modelling landscape dynamics driven by fire (MEDFIRE model) Landscapes are not static and in Mediterranean regions such as Catalonia fire is driving to a large extent current changes in forest extent and composition. In her master work Núria Aquilué has addressed different questions regarding to […]

Global Index of Vegetation Databases (GIVD)

At the 9th international Meeting on Vegetation Databases (26–28 February 2010, Hamburg, Germany), it was decided to establish a global metadatabase of vegetation data that is publicly available. This initiative has lead to the definition of the Global Index of Vegetation Databases (GIVD). GIVD is […]

Course: Dynamic Landscape modelling by Andrew Fall

Applying dynamic landscape models for research and sustainable forest management experiences and lessons from across Canada and Europe. NEW!!!!! COURSE MATERIALS: CLICK HERE NOU!!!!! MATERIALS DEL CURS: CLICA AQUÍ Next May 5th a new course will be organised on Dynamic landscape modelling. the course organised […]

TPT: Óscar Santafé. Oak regeneration in pine forests

Oak regeneration patterns in pine forests Forest regeneration is a complex proces driven by many interacting factors. In this TPT master (UdL) study, Óscar Santafé supervised by Carol Puerta have investigated the factor determining natural regeneration patterns of oak sedlings in pine forests (Pinus nigra) […]