Spatial ecology in a changing world


NEWFORESTS project: kick-off meeting 3-4th February, in Montreal, (Quebec- Canada)

In early February members from forest research institutions in Quebec, (Canada), Catalonia (Spain) and southern France met in Montreal for the kick-off meeting of the project NEWFORESTS. The meeting included a live broadcast of the event to be held on the Tuesday the 4th to […]

EUBON meeting in Solsona: European contribution to the Biodiversity Observation Network

A international team of researches from the EUBON project (Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network) gathered from 25-27th November in Solsona to held the kick-off meeting for two of the project work-packages. Discussions, including the different members of EBCC-CTFC team in the project, revolved around […]

Landsat 8 launching event: remote sensing applications to biodiversity research

Ecoland members were invited to the Landsat 8 launching event held in Barcelona by the GRUMETS research group. Magda Pla and Núria Aquilué attended the event and presented some of the applications based on remote sensing data that the group have been using in Biodiversity […]

IPBES-1: Intergovernmental platform for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Ecol-Land is attending the first plenary meeting (19th-26th January) of the IPBES (Intergovernmental platform for biodiversity and ecosystem services). Lluís Brotons is representing as delegate, environmental research from Catalan CERCA institutions CREAF and CTFC. Research conducted in this centres has the potential to contribute to […]

XV National Congress of Geographical Information Techniques (AGE, Madrid, September 2012)

Adrián Regos and Magda Pla (ECOLAND) in collaboration with colleagues from FiDBosc (CTFC), GRUMETS (CREAF and UAB) and Department of Zoology in the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) have contributed with three proceedings to XV Conference of Geographical Information Techniques in the context of […]

Visit to Australian research centres

                                      New contacts and collaborations allow the ECO-LAND lab to establish a link with Australian scientists. A research stay funded by the Catalan Government has allowed Lluís Brotons to visit Jane Elith at ACERA (Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analyses), located in the […]

XXX International Union of Game Biologist (IUGB)

ECO-LAND has contributed to the organization of the XXX International Union of Game Biologist (IUGB) and XIII Perdix Congress, which was held in Barcelona from 5th – 9th September. The congress was organized by the University of Barcelona with 400 attendees from about 40 […]

Workshop: Ecological model integration to predict ecosystem responses to global change

From August 16th-18th, ECO-LAND was involved in the organisation of a workshop on ecosystem model integration held at the Université de Québec a Montreal (UQAM) under the umbrella of the recent collaboration between the CTFC and the CEF. The workshop was held in the context […]

Involvement in the long term ecological research LTER programme

ECO-LAND gets involved into the LTER programme through the TREEBIO project in Aigüestortes. ECO-LAND members together with other researchers at the CTFC took part in the LTER Spain meeting that was held 16-17th June in Collserola. Magda Pla from the Remote Sensing LABTAG group will […]

Novel models workshop: Exploring the frontiers of ecological modelling

ECO-LAND attended the Novel Model workshop, 6-10th June in Lisbon, Portugal. In this workshop, organised by DIVERSITAS, present frontiers in (ecological) modelling of biodiversity were identified.  The main objective of the workshop was to discuss the state of the art of methods currently applied to […]

Risk assessment analysis workshop: methods and applications for evaluating biological invasions

An exploratory workshop from the European Science Foundation on risk assessment analysis will take place in Girona from 17 to 20th April 2011. The workshop, coorganized by the CTFC, is led by Núria Roura-Pascual and participated by other components of the ECO-LAND lab and MONTES […]

Contributions to the Spanish Ornithology Congress 2010

The Biodiversity and Animal Conservation lab with the Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology lab participated in the 20th Congress of Spanish Ornithology in Tremp. The Congress was organized by SEO/BirdLife and the town council of Tremp. Since 4th to 8th of December more than 300 ornithologist […]

18th conference of the European Bird Census Council

ECO-LAND members have attended and significantly contributed to the 18th Conference held in Cáceres, Spain, between 22-26th March. The conference was a meeting place for ornithologists and conservation biologists all over Europe who reported on last news regarding mapping and monitoring of birds all across […]

Workshop: SCALES meeting in Solsona

From November 17-19th there will be a meeting of the EU project Scales. This meeting will take place at the CTFC headquarters in Solsona and will discuss the development of large scale biodiversity traits to be used in various modelling exercises.

7th Conference of the European Ornithologist’s Union, Switzerland

Between 21 to 26th August, Lluís Brotons will attend the 7th conference of the EOU in Zurich Switzerland. Lluís Brotons has been invited as a keynote speaker to the symposium“Advances in ornithological knowledge through species distribution modelling”.The presentation, entitled “Predicting bird distribution in mediterranean dynamic […]