Spatial ecology in a changing world

Lab Activities

Visit: Marco Moretti from WSL (Switzerland)

Marco Moretti has visited the ECO-LAND lab the context of a collaboration with Miquel de Càceres. The stay of Dr. Marco Moretti from the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) in Switzerland has focussed on the development of community analyses aimed […]

PhD defence: Sara Vallecillo

Sara Vallecillo will defend her PhD thesis on Decembre 18th in Solsona Landscape changes and their effects on species distribution: modelling and application to the conservation of open habitat birds. The defence will take place at the CTFC headquarters in Solsona.—————————————————————-Tesi doctoral: Sara Vallecillo El […]

Ecochange summer school attended

From 7th to 10th of September 2009 Dani Villero has assisted to the ECOCHANGE Summer School “Predictive habitat distribution models: tools for building projections of global change impact on biodiversity” at Laussane (Switzerland), organized by Antoine Guisan, Willfred Thuiller & Nick E. Zimmermann, and with […]

PhD defence: Assu Gil-Tena

Assu Gil-Tena successfully defended her PhD on July 21st Factors behind richness, distribution and dynamics of forest birds at the landscape scale in Catalonia : implications for sustainable forest management.The defence took place at ETSEA in Lleida.————————————————————————-Tesi doctoral: Assu Gil- Tena El dia 21 de […]

Stay at the University of Queensland

Stay at the University of Queensland. Sara Vallecillo has completed a five month stay (jan-june, 2009) at the spatial ecology lab of Hugh Possingham in Brisbane, Australia. Thiis lab is part of the AEDA research center (Applied Environmental Decision Analysis). During this stay we have […]

Stay at the University of Toronto

Integration of the MEDFIRE landscape and species distribution models During two weeks (18/6-30/6) Lluís Brotons and Miquel de Cáceres have joined Mariee-Jossé Fortin and Andrew Fall in Toronto in order to work on the development of new approaches to develop more sound approaches to build […]