Spatial ecology in a changing world



The initiatives are the programs that build beyond the funding scope of a single project and act as umbrellas to the group’s research

InForest JRU

Including InForest Dron Unit.

The InFOREST JRU is a joint research venture by CTFC and CREAF. These are two forest research centres belonging to the Catalan network CERCA.

MED-LDM (Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics

A Landscape Dynamic Model (LDM) is a spatially-explicit model that represents the system and several processes operating at the landscape level with the aim to make predictions regarding the potential landscape configurations arising from the interaction of such processes. 


Citizen science project. Monitoring forest health in a global change context. 

Biodiversity monitoring

Eurobirdportal (EBP)

The purpose of EBP is to establish a European data repository based on aggregated data from online bird recording portals from across Europe with the following major objectives:

  • To describe large scale spatiotemporal patterns of bird distributions (seasonal distributional changes, migratory patterns, phenology) and their changes over time.
  • To improve the value of online data gathering portals