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New PhD in town: Núria Aquilué, Models and the management of forest landscapes under global changes

New PhD in town: Núria Aquilué, Models and the management of forest landscapes under global changes

In this thesis, Núria Aquilué presents two simulation modelling approaches to characterise forest ecosystems to then evaluate landscape-scale forest management strategies to be applied in an uncertain global change context. All the proposed strategies seek at enhancing resilience of forest landscapes to shifting disturbances regimes. She applies each of these two modelling approaches to two distinct highly managed forest regions.

Wildfire seen from a drone

Wildfire seen from a drone

InForest mixed unity, composed by CTFC and CREAF, has published the first images taken by drones of the burned area from Òdena’s wildfire (Barcelona area), occurred last july which burned more than 1.200 ha. Ecoland lab and InForest are pioneers in drones use for ecology and conservation research.

Se busca candidato a beca FPU para un proyecto sobre modelización de la vegetación en el CTFC

Se busca candidato para solicitar beca de Formación de Profesorado Universitario (FPU) para la realización de una tesis doctoral. Tema: Predicción de cambios en la estructura y composición de la vegetación a escala de paisaje/regional. La vegetación Mediterránea es el resultado de la acción de […]

New course: Introduction to WinBUGS for ecologists organised by the Institut Català d’Ornitologia

A new course on bayesian approach to regression, ANOVA and related statistical analyses will be held in Barcelona 12-16 december 2011. The course is organised by the Institut Català d’Ornitologia (ICO) with Marc Kéry (Swiss Ornithological Institute) and Viviana Ruiz- Gutiérrez (Laboratory of Ornithology, Cornell […]

Sharing relevant information: eco-land twitter and google reader

The identification of relevant information is a critical task in modern science. This is a process that researchers do at all times during their professional lifes and sharing such relevant, filtered information is a step forward towards better science. The ECO-LAND lab wants to promote […]

ECO-LAND blog reaches 4000 visits!

The blog reaches 4000 visits and more than 8000 page views since its release about one year ago!! El nostre blog arriba a les 4000 visites i més de 8000 visualitzacions de pàgines durant el seu primer any de vida!!!

Eco-land goes twitting

The lab introducing twitter as way of communicating interesting news and ideas not directly issued from its activities. You can check recent and old tweets from: ——————————————- El laboratori introdueix twitter com una nova eina de comunicació de notícies i idees rellevants a la seva tasca […]

Book discussion posts in the blog

ATLAS OF BIODIVERSITY RISK The present Atlas of Biodiversity Risk is the first of its kind to describe and summarise in a comprehensive, easy-to-read and richly illustrated form the major pressures, impacts and risks of biodiversity loss at a global level. The main risks identified […]

Blog news: Pictures from burnt areas in Catalonia

Pictures from burnt areas sampled in the context of the DINDIS and BIOPRED projects.————————-Fotos de zones cremades mostrejades en el context dels projectes DINDIS i BIOPRED.

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