Spatial ecology in a changing world

18th conference of the European Bird Census Council

ECO-LAND members have attended and significantly contributed to the 18th Conference held in Cáceres, Spain, between 22-26th March.

The conference was a meeting place for ornithologists and conservation biologists all over Europe who reported on last news regarding mapping and monitoring of birds all across de continent.

Elena Lopez-Zozaya presented DINDIS monitoring efforts aimed at detecting bird community patterns of change in arees affected by fire in Catalonia. Francesc Sardà presented recent applications of remote sensing data on dynamic bird distribution modelling of quail populations. Other presentations by Olatz Aizpurua and companions from the Catalan ornithological institute presented recent devolpments on mapping applicatons and news on monitoring programs run in Catalonia. Finally, Lluís Brotons was involved in the launch of new exciting initiatives aiming at producing pan-European maps and a new European breeding bird atlas.


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