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New article: Local and landscape-scale biotic correlates of mistletoe distribution in Mediterranean pine forests

Ecoland members led by Núria Roura have investigated the determinants of the parasite species European Misletoe (Viscum album) in Mediterranean pine forests. The study has been conducted in the context of MONTES project and in collaboration with Daniel Garcia from Oviedo University, and Regino Zamora from Granada University.

Occurrence data of the Mistletoe in Catalonia (NE Iberian Peninsula) were extracted from forest inventory data and combined with different types of explanatory variables. The presence of mistletoes in stands of Pinus halepensis seems to be determined by multiple factors (climatic conditions, and characteristics of the host tree and landscape structure) operating at different spatial scales, with the availability of orchards of Olea europaea in the surroundings playing a relevant role.

These results suggest that host quality and landscape structure are important mediators of plant-plant and plant-animal interactions and, therefore, management of mistletoe populations should be conducted at both local (i.e. clearing of infected host trees) and landscape scales (e.g. controlling the availability of nutrient-rich food sources that attract bird dispersers). Research and management at
landscape-scales are necessary to anticipate the negative consequence of land-use changes in Mediterranean forests.


Determinants locals i de paisatge de la distribució del vesc en boscos de boscos de pins Mediterranis

Ecoland ha liderat un estudi per investigar els determinants de la distribució de la planta parásita, el vesc (Viscum album) en boscos de pi blanc a Catalunya. L’estudi s’ha dut a terme en el context del projecte MONTES i en col.laboració amb Daniel Garcia de la Universidad de Oviedo University, i de Regino Zamora de la Universidad de Granada.

Roura-Pascual N, Brotons L, García D, Zamora R, De Cáceres M (2012) Local and landscape-scale biotic correlates of mistletoe distribution in Mediterraean pine forests. Forest Systems, in press.

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