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Sabbatical visit: Louis Imbeau from Centre d’Étude de la Fôret (Quebec).

Louis Imbeau is a professor in wildlife management affiliated to the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada, and is a regular member of the Center for Forest Research. Louis Imbeau will be with us for a complete year (until late June 2013). The main purpose of his sabbatical stay is to learn as much as possible from various research projects in his field currently conducted at the CTFC, and hopefully reduce his number of manuscripts currently “in preparation” to “submitted” or even better, “in press”! Native French speaker, he also speaks English and will take Catalan courses this fall.

His first research projects involved the comparison of forest-bird assemblages in boreal forests after fire and logging, as well as the identification of species most likely to be threatened by modern forestry in eastern Canada as well as in Fennoscandia.

Over the last ten years, his research projects were mostly linked to deadwood-dependant or hole-nesting vertebrates in boreal forests. Studied species are from a wide range of taxa including birds such as woodpeckers, hole-nesting owls or ducks, as well as small mammals. On going research projects are currently under way to clarify the importance of tree cavities to explain site occupancy by northern flying squirrels as well as to describe snags used as day roosts by forest bats. He also conducts several research projects that aim to evaluate the effects of partial cutting on some important game species in Canada such as snowshoe hare and spruce grouse.

Louis Imbeau és professor en gestió de la fauna salvatge a la Universitat de Québec a Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada, i és un membre regular del Center for Forest Research.

Louis Imbeau estarà amb nosaltres tot un any en sabàtic (fins Juny del 2013). El principal objectiu de la seva estada serà apendre el màxim possible dels projectes que el CTFC duu a terme  en aquests camps de recerca… i en la mesura del possible reduïr el nombre de manuscrits “in preparation” i “submitted” que ara té sobre la taula… i millor encara augmentant els que estan “in press”!

Parlant nadiu de francçes, el Louis parla anglés i fins i tot seguirà classes de Català aquesta tardor!!

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