Spatial ecology in a changing world

New article: Understanding (insect) species distributions across spatial scales

Ecography 33(1) is the first issue of volume 33 published by Ecography in February 2010, which includes a special section dedicated to “Understanding (insect) species distributions across spatial scales”. This sections is composed of an Editorial and 11 Research papers providing an integral up-to-date overview of the spatial determinants of insect species distribution across spatial scales and a common framework for evaluating the spatial responses of insects at these scales.
Most of these studies were presented at the symposium entitled “Sampling and modelling the spatial responses of insects across spatial scales”, organized by Joaquín Hortal (Imperial College) and Núria Roura-Pascual (Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya and Center for Invasion Biology) at the 2008 International Congress of Entomology (Durban, South Africa, 6-12 July 2008).


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