Spatial ecology in a changing world

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Species Distribution Modelling (SDM) and the impacts of global change in the Mediterranean: Ecosystem services provides by birds and forest landscape dynamics

Application date: January 2019 We search for PhD candidates interested in developing a PhD under the Spanish or Catalan offical PhD funding schemes (FI-DGR 2018) o (FPU 2018). The PhD candiate will work on the applications of species distribution models (SDM) in the evaluation of […]

Assistant technician position in landscape modelling and data analyses in Solsona (InForest JRU, CTFC-CREAF)

We offer a technician position in landscape modelling and analysis of environmental data to join the Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology Lab at the InForest Join Research Unit (CREAF–CTFC-CEMFOR) in the context of global change impacts on Mediterranean systems.