Spatial ecology in a changing world

Visit to Ecoland: Tomáš Telenský, Charles University (Prague)

Tomáš Telenský is visiting Ecoland for some days. Tomáš is an employee of Birdlife CZ (Czech Society for Ornitology) and a PhD. student of ecology at Charles University in Prague.

The subject of his PhD. is to unravel the causes of bird population changes. His main focus now is the climate change and spatial aspects of population dynamics. The current collaboration is coordinated in collaboration with Sergi Herrando from ICO.

Tomáš Telenský visita el grup d’Ecologia del Paisatge (Ecoland) per uns dies. Tomáš treballa Birdlife CZ (Societat Ornitològica Txeca) i està duent a terme la seva tesis a la Charles University a Prague.

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