Spatial ecology in a changing world

New article: Patterns of distribution change and species population trends

Looking at the shape of species distributions!
A new paper with our collaborators at the CEFE-CNRS in Montpellier has analysed the relationship between changes in distribution shapes and population trends in an area affected by strong land abandonment. The results indicate that the information contained on the shape of spatial distributions may give interesting clues about the fate of the population analysed. In our study, decreasing bird species shows strong fragmented patterns that became more fragmented as the decline process progressed. Our results on the relationships between changes in distribution and population trends stress the role in land use changes in driving these relationships at the landscape scale.

Sirami, C., Brotons, L. & Martin, J.L. 2009. Do bird spatial distribution patterns reflect population trends in changing landscapes? Landscape Ecology, 24:893-906.

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