Spatial ecology in a changing world

Research Projects

CAMBIARE: communicating the effects of global change on reptiles and amphibians in Spain

CAMBIARÉ? GLOBAL CHANGE IMPACTS ON IBERIAN AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES We are finalizing the CAMBIARE? website, about global change effects on Iberian amphibians and reptiles species, funded by the Fundación Biodiversidad and with the colaboration of the AHE (Spanish Herpetological Society). The project is focused on […]

MOBIMO: Application of niche-based modelling techniques to long-term common bird monitoring data

New collaboration project started with the Gabriel Lippmann research center in Luxembourg. The MOBIMO project lead by Dr. Nicolas Titeux will allow the recruitment of a PhD. student Olatz Aizpurua that will join the group from Luxembourg to deal with the applciation of predictive distribution […]

SCALES: A new EU project on Biodiversity

The Eco-land lab gets involved in a new EU funded project in partnership with the European Bird Census Council ( Biodiversity and its effective management are inextricably related to scale. The main pressures on Europe’s terrestrial biodiversity and the socio-economic drivers behind these pressures act […]

CONSOLIDER-MONTES: global change impacts on forests

The project MONTES started in december 2008. The kick-off meeting took place in Barcelona (UAB) between 12-13 february 2009. The MONTES program brings together researchers from 9 research groups: two from public centers that conduct research into forestry and environmental issues (CREAF, CTFC), two from […]