Spatial ecology in a changing world

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Post-doctoral positions on biodiversity scenarios open at Ecoland

POST-DOCTORAL POSITIONS ON BIODIVERSITY SCENARIOS IN EUROPE OPEN AT CTFC Two positions to conduct post-doctoral research are open at CTFC for one to two years (with the possibility of an extension) in the context of the two FP7- European projects “EUBON – Building the European […]

Conservation planning in a dynamic world: Biodiversity and fire in the Mediterranean region

In response to the processes threatening biodiversity such as habitat loss, effective selection of priority conservation areas is required to ensure long term persistence of key species. However, reserve selection methods usually ignore the drivers of future habitat changes, thus compromising the effectiveness of conservation. […]

New servers available for landscape modelling and remote sensing analyses.

The ECOLAND lab group has a new computing facility aimed at better dealing with the needs from handling and modelling large spatial environmental data sets. This server cluster is a strategic step forward for the group and the CTFC as institution and involves a much […]

New article: The combined effects of land-use and novel fire regimes on bird distributions in the Mediterranean

In a new article published in Journal of Biogeography co-authored with M.J. Fortin, members of the ECOLAND group have investigated whether fire regimes resulting from the combination of climate change, fire-fighting policy and the spatial legacy of historical land use may affect the distribution of […]

How fire history, fire suppression practices and climate change affect wildfire regimes in Mediterranean landscapes

In a new article published in PLOS ONE, co-authored with Canadians co-workers, Marie Josée Fortin and Andrew Fall, ECOLAND members have investigated the role of fire suppression strategies in synergy with climate change on the resulting fire regimes in Catalonia (north-eastern Spain). We used a spatially-explicit […]

New agreement signed with the PAU COSTA Foundation on the modelling of fire risk

ECO-LAND has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Pau Costa Foundation to strengthen research links on fire risk modelling to the operative world of fire- fighting. The collaboration will involve exchange of expertise on forest fire modelling derived from the BIONOVEL project (i.e. spatial […]

New article: Effects of the non-native amphibian species Discoglossus pictus on the recipient amphibian community: niche overlap, competition and community organization

A new article led by Alex Richter-Boix (Uppsala University, Sweden) and Núria Garriga (Barcelona University, Spain), with support of Dani Villero from ECOLAND, examines the effects of the non-native Discoglossus pictus (Amphibia: Discoglossidae) on amphibian assemblages from the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula, suggesting that […]


Members of the ECOLAND group have participated in the elaboration of a new atlas of breeding terrestrial vertebrates of Natural Park Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés and Baixa Limia in collaboration with University of Santiago de Compostela and Sorex Ecologia. This book was founded by CBC […]

Landsat 8 launching event: remote sensing applications to biodiversity research

Ecoland members were invited to the Landsat 8 launching event held in Barcelona by the GRUMETS research group. Magda Pla and Núria Aquilué attended the event and presented some of the applications based on remote sensing data that the group have been using in Biodiversity […]

IPBES-1: Intergovernmental platform for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Ecol-Land is attending the first plenary meeting (19th-26th January) of the IPBES (Intergovernmental platform for biodiversity and ecosystem services). Lluís Brotons is representing as delegate, environmental research from Catalan CERCA institutions CREAF and CTFC. Research conducted in this centres has the potential to contribute to […]

EUBON project: Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network

Ecoland members will be involved in a new FP7 project representing the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) in the EU BON project. This project  presents an innovative approach towards integration of biodiversity information systems from on-ground to remote sensing data, for addressing policy and information […]

New article: TEASIng apart alien species risk assessments

Members of the ECOLAND group have participated in a new article in the journal Ecology Letters in which a rigorous, conceptual risk assessment framework to assess risks posed by invasive species has been proposed. The European Science Foundation (ESF) and the Agency for Management of […]

Visit to Ecoland: Tomáš Telenský, Charles University (Prague)

Tomáš Telenský is visiting Ecoland for some days. Tomáš is an employee of Birdlife CZ (Czech Society for Ornitology) and a PhD. student of ecology at Charles University in Prague. The subject of his PhD. is to unravel the causes of bird population changes. His […]

New article: Local and landscape-scale biotic correlates of mistletoe distribution in Mediterranean pine forests

Ecoland members led by Núria Roura have investigated the determinants of the parasite species European Misletoe (Viscum album) in Mediterranean pine forests. The study has been conducted in the context of MONTES project and in collaboration with Daniel Garcia from Oviedo University, and Regino Zamora […]